What makes Messi the world’s best player?

Lionel is probably the most talented football player ever, but that’s not enough to be the best in the world.

Alongside hard work, Messi revealed many times that his diet game is strong and in his interviews, even when he was just a kid, he mentions that food is too important to become a champion.

For many, Lionel Messi is the best football player in history of the game.

But, you know, just like we now, how much good eating is important. But, what Messi eats? You don’t know? Well, we know that.

Giuliano Poser is an Italian nutritionist, who started working with Lionel back in 2014, time in which Lionel lost three kilograms. But, that’s not the most important thing.

Poser reveals what are 5 key foods in Messi’s life, and that is: water, good olive oil and whole grains. He added that Messi loves fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds, but he picks up carefully, avoiding veggies and fruits that are not clear of all pesticides and chemicals, because they can be harmful.

The Argentina international loves nuts and seeds, which is good, but his nutritionist warned us about something:

“Sugar. It is the worst thing for the muscles. The farther you stay away from sugars, the better.”

“Refined flours are also a big problem as these days, it’s difficult to find uncontaminated wheat,” he added.

Keep this in mind. Work hard, treat your talent well and eat the best way.

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