When the hot summer days begin, a cold glass of tonic water can seem very refreshing and appealing. To be honest, it can cause a good health benefits for you such as less mosquito bites, which makes sense because it contains a quinine (meditation used to treat malaria), and warding off nighttime leg cramps.

In order to prevent leg cramps, doctors used quinine pills, in which standard dose there is 200 to 300 mg of quinine.

A liter of tonic normally has 83mg of quinine, so an eight-ounce glass would therefore have around 20mg. So, even three glasses daily should be ok, if of course, you are not sensitive on quinine.

Of course, we are talking about a glass of tonic, only. As long as you drink a tonic without gin, two to three times a day, you are doing good. No worries. 

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