Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Have you ever wondered if your mobile phone produces harmful radiation especially after you spend a lot of time on 3G?

Since mobile phones have become an inevitable part of electronic devices that surround us (they are literally in our pockets), people started to asking for their safety and the possible consequences that could be caused due the radiation mobile phones produces.

If you are one of those who fear possible radiation from mobile phones which can be harmful to your health, especially if you consider that could cause cancer, then you should stop worrying because so far there is still no proven link between these two things (cancer and radiation from mobile phones).

Most studies in this area were made to show the possible effect on the brain tissue and the potential for increased risk of brain cancer from radiation of mobile phones, but none of them has proven that this type of radiation directly causes (more different types of) cancer or some other harmful effects on cells and tissues of the body.

However, we should be very careful when it comes to children. At least until someone proves it is completely safe for them.

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