How to stimulate brain development of the baby during pregnancy?

It’s necessary to behave serious while you are pregnant woman, or when your woman is pregnant. Women who exercise during pregnancy stimulate the brain development of unborn baby, according to specialists. Only three trainings of 20 minutes per week, have much affect on the overall health of the baby, writes Daily Mail.

The scientists compared two groups of pregnant women. One group exercised regularly, and second was with physical activity dealt only 10 minutes a week.

When children are born, their brain activity was measured using 100 electrodes that played different melodies.

Children whose mothers exercised spotted the difference between the melodies more easier than the children whose mothers were less physically active, which means that in the first group brain developed faster, research has shown.

“Our research has shown that exercise during pregnancy accelerates brain development of the baby. Although the exact cause is not yet known, it is assumed that the training increases the flow of oxygen and stimulates the production of proteins responsible for brain development. ” – explains the leader of the research Professor Dave Elemberg.

Previous studies have confirmed that exercise during pregnancy strengthens the baby’s heart, but also speeds up woman recovery after childbirth.

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