She lost 92 kilos – Everyone wants to hear her advices!

She says that if you start to apply these seven rules, you will immediately start to notice results. Simone Anderson became the inspiration of many, and everyone wants to hear her advice for losing weight like crazy. She has repeatedly revealed how she managed to change her life and get rid of excess weight. Besides diet, 26 – year old Simone reveals that exercise is the key to success and says that she won’t give up from her fitness plan.

So, she selected these advices – and, here they are:

1. Good organization and preparation for next week

“Every week i take note about what i would eat during the week, then i go to the store and i prepare only healthy food,” said Anderson.

2. Always have a bottle of water with you

“I noticed that when my body is hydrated, it affects on my energy level.” she added.


3. Instead of sweets, choose healthy snacks

“It’s important to have some healthy snacks, because then it’s easier to resist the unhealthy snacks” – Simone Anderson.

4. Change your lifestyle

She added: “The first few months were difficult because it was a big change. Then I learned to replace the glass of wine and dinner with friends with morning walk and smoothie. But these small changes took place long and my lifestyle became healthier.”


5. Find the training that suits you

Simone revealed that her daily exercise is between 45 minutes and an hour, whether it comes to strength training or cardio training.

6. Consume different types of groceries

Anderson points out that diet is also very important, and to avoid getting bored by the same food, she prefers to eat different foods.

“I never threw any group of foods out of the diet, because it would be like I’m on a diet. I did not want a diet, but to change my habits forever.” – Simone Anderson

7. Involve friends and family

She ended with: “Tell to the people around you your plan, because it will drag you to survive and fulfill your dreams.”

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