Here’s why you should eat at least seven dates daily – they weigh about 70 grams, so you automatically receive 70 mg calcium that is good for your bones, joints and nerves, 35 mg phosphorus which is food for the brain and 7 mg iron that strengthens the body in general and especially the heart. They are also suitable for weight loss as they contain 0.25g of fat. This food regulates and stimulates the work of your bowels by 10g dieatary fiber it contains.

This amount is sufficient to rid the body of accumulated toxins in the cells; and heavy metals, for example lead. Deposition of toxins nowadays is not a rare case as a result of pollution of water, air and food.

In the past dates they were called the “bread of the desert” and then scientists have proven that this fruit has great nutritional value. Containing 80 percent carbohydrates along with protein, minerals, vitamins which are low-fat and no cholesterol, dates are very healthy.

There are about 100 types of dates. Easy to digest, they reduce the feeling of hunger and are rich in vitamins A and B-6, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium.

Dates are good for sexual weakness (both for Men and Women)

The syrup from dates serve as a cure for the weak heart. And for the treatment of sexual exhaustion. When mixed with milk and honey, dates can serve as the tonic for the treatment of sexual impotence for men and women, such syrup strengthens the body and increases energy levels. And seniors will benefit from this syrup because it improves stamina and frees the body of toxins accumulated in cells throughout the years.

Dates can prevent a stroke

One of the key advantages of dates is their ability to regulate healthy nervous system due to the fact that dates are rich in potassium. Studies have shown that a higher intake of potassium (400 mg) may reduce the risk of stroke for 40 percent.

Awesome for Pregnant women

An experiment conducted at the Faculty of Science and Technology in Jordan showed that eating dates four weeks before giving a birth can relieve labor pains and reduce bleeding for future mothers. Women who ate them have easier and faster delivery compared to those women who do not eat this fruit. In addition, the dates  helped the women overcome postpartum depression and to produce enough milk for their newborn.



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