Soursop is unusual tropical herb and many advocates of alternative medicine claim that soursop can treat cancer 10,000 times better than chemotherapy. But orthodox medicine claims that there are no fundamental research that can support this.

Sweet but also sour taste with a strong aroma that feels like a mixture of strawberry, pineapple and lemon will be appreciated by anyone who would try the ripe fruit of the extraordinary soursop (guanabana).

And this is not just one more superfruit, but maybe something more. Nutrients in this fruit is reportedly extremely effective in fighting cancer.


Researches published in the Journal of Natural Products back in 1996 indicated that soursop, especially its seeds contain ingredients that are cytotoxic that, as it is claimed, are 10,000 times stronger than ordinary chemotherapy in cancer treatment. On the other hand, soursop does not kill healthy cells, but only malignant. However, the action of this herb isn’t proven by science and no matter what, it can’t be used as a substitute for chemotherapy.

This fruit resembles avocado, but inside hides a white pulp that can be eaten. For the needs of those who don’t have this fruit in their countries, this fruit turns to dust and is distributed in this form.

Research of the Catholic University of South Korea showed that the ingredients in the seeds of soursop attack colon cancer and lung cancer. The official medicine still does not accept the claims of the simple reason that there are no fundamental researches to show that soursop treat cancer in any ways.

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