5 Strange and Unusual Heart-Attack Signals and Symptoms!

Many of ignorance and disbelief survive a heart attack and receive it unexpectedly. Your body sends clear signals, and your need to recognize them. There are some unusual signs you should not ignore, because according to the World Health Organization from 1970 to 2000 the number of heart disease increased by 300 percent.

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Leg swelling

Large serving of fatty foods for dinner, like pizza or hamburger, may not be the only reason why you feel “like a balloon.” Swollen and heavy legs may be an indication that something is wrong with the heart, as well.

Fluid retention is a common symptom when the heart is not pumping and not processing the blood properly. So you need to really wonder why you have swollen feet and you must see a doctor if you think it’s not the food’s not the reason.


There are several types of headaches and not every headache is sign that your heart is weak. But if the pain is accompanied by yet another symptom such as dizziness, it may indicate an aneurysm and requires immediate medical examination.

Stomach Cramps

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Chest pain or uncomfortable tingling of your left hand are symptoms that are often associated with heart problems. However, doctors believes that stomach cramps can be an indicator. Pay special attention if you experience any pain that you have never felt before. Also, unusual pain in the upper back can indicate heart problems, too.


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This is the hardest symptom because it can indicate a variety of problems, and perhaps you’re only tired because you have lack of sleep.
But, specially among women, unusual fatigue can be observed during a heart attack, something like several days before the attack. Constant fatigue do not always prescribe to the time, but contact physician for review!

Fainting and dizziness

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If you have fatigue and short breath, assume it as high time to visit a doctor. Your body sends signals that the heart is not working properly. It may be an early sign of heart or lung disease.

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