Vitamins You May Be Missing

Mother And Kid Preparing Healthy Food And Having Fun

Every fourth man in the world takes vitamins daily in order to meet the body needs.
But, is that enough? 

What happens when you don’t insert enough vitamins in your body?

Vitamin D is very important for reducing the chances of viral infection, and if you give your kids a variety of foods, they’ll have all the vitamins they need, expect the vitamin D.

This vitamin (D) is important for building stronger bones and with this vitamin you also can benefit in the growth of your teeth. So, your children will need it, in a daily dose, and here’s how:

Vitamin D is rare, but the most popular source of vitamin D costs zero, and it’s the sun.
The sunlight between April and October (Spring to Autumn), between 11AM and 3PM is the best when it comes to vitamin D. Also, you can find this vitamin in oily fishes, and also in margarine, and they need to variety because it’s a food law, but also they (your children) need to take a daily dose of vitamin D.

If your children do not get enough vitamin D, they can experience muscle pain and fatigue.

For the full view of this pyramid and for more informations about how you need to behave if you want to live healthy and limitless, you should look for Macrobiotic posts in Healthy Lifestyle

If you live by the rules of the Food pyramid, you won’t need additional vitamins, but only 2% of the world population lives by these rules, and that’s really sad.

Also, if you have strong immune system and sleep well, you don’t need additional vitamins and that means your needs are met.

But, if you ate junk food for a long time, you will need to stop it, then go back to the healthy food choices and consume multivitamin foods, but only fulfill the 100% of a daily needs, because everything after that will be wasted through the urine. As we said, if you have strong immune system, your vitamins needs are met, but if you have problems with your immune system, then you need vitamin C, for sure. Foods high in vitamin C you can find clicking this > 7 highest vitamin C foods.

Also, you should go for vitamin A because the lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness and in the worst case, total blindness. Foods high in vitamin A: sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, squash, tuna fish, tropical fruits..

Lack of vitamin E is very rare case, but be careful and do not afford this lack, because vitamin E protects your cells. Foods high in vitamin E: spinach, almonds, kale, plant oils, raw seeds, avocado, hazelnut..

Vitamin K – this vitamin is important because it can prevent bleeding in the brain, and you can find him in meat (chicken, fish, beef) and vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, spring onions, kale ant other green leafy vegetables).

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