Meet the Berries #2

After our first part of Meet the Berries where we informed you about blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and cherries, today as we promised, you can read and learn about cranberries, goji berries, bilberries and acai berries.

So, ‘Meet the Berries #2’ starts:



When you hear berries, you know that fruit will be awesome. Not just tasty, but awesome for your health. And it’s a pleasure when you can eat something with the taste you love and the benefits your body prefers.

Cranberries are everywhere, i don’t mean everywhere in the nature, but everywhere in our life. They are good as fresh fruits, they are good as juice as well, and they are traditional part of Thanksgiving celebrations in form of drink, sauce etc. In the past, Native Americans used cranberries not only for food and medicine, but also for clothing. So, they are not only tasty and healthy, but inspirational, as well. If one cranberry can be anything than you can do anything with your life, as well (laugh).

Let’s talk about benefits:
They prevent cardiovascular and heart disease, which makes them similar to pomegranates. But that’s not all. You’re stomach will have a benefit from eating cranberries, because they prevent his disorders and diabetes.
One awesome fact for cranberries is, that they contain amount of antioxidants compared to apples, broccoli and spinach, and that’s a crazy fact knowing how much aforementioned foods are healthy and useful.

Goji Berries

goji berries.jpg

Maybe they are not popular as some of aforementioned berries, but they are one of the best when it comes to medicine. They have great ability to boost the immune system and they can raise your brain’s activity, but also like other superfruits, they can prevent you from the worst illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Also, they can be your perfect choice for fresh consuming, because of their vitamins (C,B2,A), iron, selenium etc.


bilberry.jpgFollowing the success of goji berries, bilberries are also popular in medicine. They are special fruit and here’s why:

They protect your liver: Thanks to their richness of antioxidants, they can protect your liver. They also contain glutathione and vitamin C and that’s great for preventing liver tissues.

Acai Berries

Baskets of freshly harvested acai berries.

They are maybe the healthiest member of family Berries, because they have limitless benefits. First of all, they are good for your heart and they can also fight harmful organisms.

But, forget about that. Everyone of us knows what one of the biggest problems in the modern world is, and yes, it is overweight.

Well, Acai Berries are PERFECT choice for that task. They are not only perfect for you to lose weight, but they will help you maintain a healthy weight, also.

Energy and sex

Acai berries can raise the overall level of energy and stamina, so when you need energy and you’re ready for a boost, just eat some acai berries and you’ll be fine.
Also, this mean better sex – because, they can also raise the circulation of your blood, and that can contribute to a boost in your sexual activities, especially if you are a man.



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