Macrobiotic Guide, How to organize your kitchen

How to organize your kitchen

While we are starting with macrobiotical practice in our everyday life, also we are creating clear and tidy spirit. The same means also in the organization in the kitchen, nevertheless of its dimension, it should be always tidy and pretty because the personality of the cook is reflected by his kitchen. If you are just starting with macrobiotics, its really important to create a large storage space. For example, kitchen element, closet, fridge…

You must remove all the chemical and refined products: flour, salt, oil, sugar, chocolate, coffee, cans, biscuits, jam, honey, cheese, preservatives, baking powder, pudding, whipped cream…. I know its too much, i thought it too. But for every ingredient you can surely find replacement and include to your everyday cooking and the meals you make.

Through the introduction of the principles of the yin and yang, you can really see that the products that you’ve enjoyed the most and which attracted you for cooking or eating them in your everyday meals were infact the ones that inflicted the most damage both on your body and soul.

Macrobiotics is a real alchemy. You can, just like in laboratory, sort your shelves or closer with containers made from glass, wood, etc, and in them to keep wheat, seaweeds, legumes and other plants. For everything to be on your reach, and to make your life more simple and organized in the kitchen. Also the kitchenware accessories make sure, or its most likely to be made out of wood.


Do not use plates and containers made out of aluminum and teflon. It is ideal to use plates made out of soil, stainless steel or glass.


You will need:

  • Braising pot
  • Stewing pot
  • Pot for cooking under pressure ( 5 l, for four-member families )
  • 2 or 3 pots with thick bottom
  • Frying pan ( 18 cm, with thin bottom ) for frying wheat and seeds
  • Iron pan or stainless steel pan with cover
  • Flame diffuser
  • Cutting board
  • Round Pan for pie baking
  • Baking brass

There are only the important stuff for your kitchen and for sure you can add more if u like its your own choice. And for the heat source the wood or the gas are the best because they are natural and easy for usage. Its harder to cook on an electric oven who has flaws                               ( electromagnetic field ).

Preparing of a meal

To learn, in a macrobiotic kitchen means to be taken by a deep tranquility, which is often related by deep and sensual, natural scents. Also with simplicity and harmony. To cook in a macrobiotic way means to love life and to feel the happiness while cooking your food to feed your body and soul. Making of a macrobiotic meal doesn’t mean cooking only wheat, veggies or algae because they are healthy but  it also means that you are giving a gift of love and happiness with the meal you make, because you want to make someone or you a better human, healthier within you’r body and healthier on the outside! Ideally, for every cook the first thing in his kitchen should be the preparing of a really tasty and delicious meal, whereby each food should preserve its natural taste. So be patient, it’s worth your while!

Stay tuned and wait for more of the Macrobiotic Guide guys! This is only the beggining! <3



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