Meet The Pomegranate

Pomegranates are very special type of fruit, because they have specific vitamins that can help you, and their benefits are something new, something we haven’t talk about, something like dental care, anemia, they are useful against breast cancer etc.


After antioxidant they have (almost every superfruit has antioxidant, more or less), pomegranates also have antiviral and anti-tumor properties. That’s because they are a perfect source of vitamins, such as vitamins E, K and C, and folic acid as well.

What a fact: This fruit contains THREE TIMES AS MANY antioxidants as both green tea or wine. That’s a fact people, that’s a fact for an awesome fruit.

Why are they so special:

  • PLAQUE PROTECTION: You can make or buy and drink pomegranate juice, and you will benefit so much, the taste is great, but so are healthy benefits from him. It protects you from dental plaque microorganisms. And some of the antioxidants, called polyphenols, are a primary factor for the antibacterial activity of the pomegranates. So, this is something special.
  • PREVENTION: They are not only good for cancer and heart disease protection, but they have iron in them which can help your blood and you will reduce symptoms like exhaustion, weakness, and hearing loss (they are symptoms of anemia).They (pomegranates) are also good for illnesses like atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. They are the best fruit to eat after a surgery because they can improve your memory.
  • STOMACH PROBLEMS: They are not good only as fresh fruit or a juice, but they can be perfect for a cup of tea, also. They are often used to calm disorders that stomach can have, so all in one, they are good for disorders caused by any kind of digestive problems, like diarrhea as example.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR WORKOUT: Pomegranates can improve your exercise, because with consuming them 30 minutes before work out can enhance the blood flow. But don’t get too much of them, because it is a pre-workout healthy diet, not your lunch.

Here for you, a recipe for an EXTRA HEALTHY pomegranate salad:

Screen shot 2017-01-27 at 3.17.12 PM.png

You will need a lot of things for this salad of pomegranate which is also combination from avocado and pears. It’s so delicious and superhealthy.

Ingredients you’ll need after 1 diced avocado, 1 ripe diced pear and seeds from pomegranate:

  • 2/3 cup pistachios (shelled of course)
  • 1/2 cup of diced onion (*RED)
  • 2/3 cup of feta cheese
  • and a citrus vinaigrette (you will need a ingredients for this thing as well, and they are: 1/3 cup of orange juice (we recommend fresh), 1/2 teaspoon salt (*KOSHER), 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper, 1/3 cup of oil (we recommend olive oil), and if you want to sweeten, you can add 1 tablespoon of honey as well.

Making of: All the ingredients until the citrus ones, combine together in a big bowl and toss until they combine with each other. Serve immediately.
Also, to make the vinaigrette for your salad, use all vinaigrette ingredients that we selected and blend them until they combine.

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