Macrobiotic Guide, How to start…

Humans diet gradually is changed from natural plants and roots to animal and refined foods in the last two or three centuries.

On the same way the returning to the traditional diet based on wheat and veggies should be gradual, our digestive system, who is used to a usual food, is not too often able to use all the helpful and useful ingredients from the wheat and vegetables. So in that case we need to start gradually with this macrobiotic diet which will in some time make you, a lot healthier, happier in life, filled with positive thoughts, always smiling person, but… Its up to you and only you! If u accept it, and if you endure this diet it will surely change your life for the better! Macrobiotics means The Big Life in latin and it’s all about healing your body and soul through this diet and way of living, combining wellbeing, happiness, positivity, and harmony with nature…

The key principle of macrobiotics is the emphasis on eating locally-grown foods that are in season. Foods should be unrefined, whole, natural. Macrobiotics also stresses the need for balancing acidic and alkaline foods. If you stick to these three easy principles, so essential to the basic chemistry of our bodies, macrobiotics will most certainly change your life!

How to start?

You can start with changing the meat with fish, change the amount of it gradually in accordance with the change of your need. Also try immediately to stop using sugar, coffee, artificially colored teas and industrial foods which contain chemical products. Instead of them u can use, wheat coffee, natural tea from plants, and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are used to consume sugar, u can swap it with honey, but don’t forget that honey is an animal product or concentrated sugar which the bee makes. At the start of this diet the yang persons (red faced, strong, more aggressive type ) should consume more of the yin foods, to reduce usage of animal products, on account of veggies and fruits. Most of the yin persons ( pale, reserved, inactive ) at the start of this macrobiotic diet should take more yang products, such as meat and smaller usage of vegetables and fruits.

Use more fluids to satisfy your thirst, and if it seems that you are drinking more than it should, then reduce the amount of salt while cooking and consider about different yang products that maybe you are using in your everyday meals.

Be more physically active person, go out there, find a beautiful track for running, hiking in the nearest mountain, swim in the nearest swimming pool or lake or sea and even an ocean! Learn how to receive the energy from the universe, the positivity, inhale it, exhale negativity! This world is filled with it but only you can deny it and no one will do that for you! You can learn to do that by following this law, this diet and this lifestyle, and by saying lifestyle i am not telling you that you will change completely, no, I am telling you that by only changing your diet, you will be able to  consume positivity in your life and this will change your life! You have no idea how much impact the food that we are eating is affecting our body and soul, even our minds! Only by being elastic, flexible and adaptable you will do great with this Macrobiotic diet. So stay tuned, more to follow!



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