Stop Hurting Your Brain, Take Care Of Him Instead!

Your brain is everything to you. Your mind, your energy, your machine, you are your brain, and your brain is you. So, stop acting like you have endless energy, stop wasting it, and make some healthy steps.
Stop wasting your brain doing daily habits that can hurt him.

You should stop doing 5 things, and they are:

Spending too much time alone


Sometimes it’s good to be alone for a while, sometimes it’s necessary to be alone, but not always. Humans these days are crazy about social contact, and they forget how a real sense of connection feels like. It doesn’t matter how many social media friends you have, is a real life connection that matters. For your productivity and happiness, it’s very important to have at least few friends, and if you’re feeling alone, call some friends, do some dancing, play some sports or whatever. Don’t be alone.

Here’s why:

  • If you spend too much time alone, you increase the risk of suicide. Maybe this sounds funny to you, but loneliness also raises levels of stress hormones and blood pressure. it undermines regulation of the circulatory system so the heart muscle works harder than the blood vessels are subject to damage by blood flow turbulence.
  • Loneliness destroys the quality of sleeping, so your nap is less restorative, both physically and psychologically.

Eating too much junk food

Junk food is smart move for the billionaire companies because they spend too much on taste, looks, marketing, quality of salty, sweet etc. so when you once eat it, you come back for more. But, even if you love it, you should know that it hurts your brain.

So don’t overdose with it. And i will explain you why. So, hear this:

Parts of the brain that are linked to your memory, your mental health, your learning etc., are smaller and limited in people who have lots of potato chips, fries, soft drinks, hamburgers, candies etc.



You should stop blasting your headphones, because at full volume, you’re not doing damage only to your hearing, but to your brain also – things like Alzheimer’s and loss of brain tissue. This will slow your brain and your capacity of thinking fast and understanding things, so, when you put your headphones on, make sure they are not over 60% of your device’s maximum volume. Be smart. Don’t do stupid things.

Food That Your Brain Loves


After things that hurt him, there are things that can help your brain, as well. Berries, i mean blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, but also nuts and green leafy vegetables, they preserve brain function and slow mental decline. So, i suggest you, next time when you search for a chips or something like that, don’t do that, go for a berries, or grab a handful of nuts instead.




Green Leafy Vegetables
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